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Indian Ocean Current Weather

This page provides links for obtaining satellite images, ERS-2, SSM/I, QuikSCAT and other current weather data across the Indian Ocean. It also has links to custom current weather related tools.

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Current Weather



Indian Ocean


Southern Hemisphere Imagery



  • Indian Ocean ERS-2 Sea Heights 00Z, 06Z, 12Z, 18Z Confirmed sea height readings (in ft) from the JASON/ERS-2/GFO satellite overlayed on FNMOC Wave Models (NPMOC)
  • 00hr Indian Ocean Sea Height and Period (NOAA OMB) This is a good source to verify seas heights within a storm and to observe approaching swell fronts. Seas heights and period/swell fronts are modeled using the Wavewatch III Wave Model driven by the AVN atmopsheric model. (Note: Heights are in meters. Multiply readings times 3.28084 to convert to feet. Data updated 2 times daily).
  • 00hr Indian Ocean Sea Height and Period (Scripps Research Institute) Driven by the Wavewatch III Wave Model and the AVN Atmospheric Model.
  • TOPEX/POSEIDON Satellite Global Sea Heights (NASA Jet Propulsion Lab). Select "Latest 8 hr Quick Look Images - Significant Sea Heights". This is a good backup to the ERS-2 satellite data (available above). Similar data also available from the Naval Oceanographic Office, but here you can zoom in by global location and select one of 4 satellites (ERS-2, TOPEX, POSEIDON, or GFO).
  • Oceanweather Inc. 24 hour old ERS-2 global sea height data (not real detailed).



  • QuikSCAT Winds (OPPT) Total global ocean coverage.  The images depict wind speed.  Click on any part of the image for a close-up view with wind barbs (speed and direction).
  • QuikSCAT Winds (NASA)  The latest surface wind analysis technology.  A great research tool but not operational yet. Images at the top of the page provide a time-lapse view/movie.  Navigate down to the bottom of the page to see a more detailed view of the latest data superimposed over an Infrared satellite image
  • Merged SSM/I and ERS-2 Pacific Ocean Winds (OPPT) This is the official source for confirming wind speeds in open ocean storms. Click on top of individual storms to get up-close view with wind barbs (speed and direction). Data is about 12 hrs old. Backup Link from NESDIS
  • SSM/I Winds (OPPT) Same as above but no wind barbs
  • ERS-2 Winds (OPPT) Only displays wind barbs within ERS-2 polar orbit scanning width.

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