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Surf Forecast - Florida

5 Day Surf Forecast

Forecast Updated:
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 2:58 PM

Surf Scale: 3 ft = waist high, 4 ft = chest high, 5 ft = head high, 10 ft =double overhead
Swell Direction is direction swell is coming from. 90°=East, 180°=South, 270°=West, 360-0 = North

Florida East Coast Surf Forecast
(Centered on Cocoa Beach)
Day Trend Wind
(Swell Number, Swell Size & Period, Arrival Time and Profile)
(Set wave max face height)
Swell Direction
Up slightly SE 5+ early Low odds of southeast windswell 1.6 ft @ 7 secs
East fetch is to continue but sinking south some now targeting mainly the Central Bahamas. Still some sideband windswell is likely to be produced. An offshore flow is to be from Cape Hatteras northward offering nothing.
1.0 ft 110 degrees
Holding E 5+ early Low odds of southeast windswell 1.8 ft @ 7 secs
A broad winter low is to pushing over East Quebec with high pressure building behind over the Mississippi River Valley starting to produce northeast winds at 15-20 kts pushing from the Outer Banks south into Florida later possibly generating windswell.
1.0 ft 100 degrees
Up some E 10+ early Northeast windswell building to 5.5 ft @ 7-8 secs
High pressure is to move over the mid-Atlantic Coast producing a decent fetch of east winds at 15-20 kts targeting Florida well producing more windswell.
3.5 ft 65 degrees
Down some SE 5+ early Northeast windswell fading from 3.8 ft @ 7-8 secs early
East fetch is to be all but gone by the morning with a new front pushing again off the Northeast Coast producing southwest winds up there at 20-25 kts offering no swell production potential.
2.5 ft 105 degrees
Up some N 10 early New Northeast windswell building to 6.0 ft @ 7 secs late
Another high pressure system is to build over the Mississippi River Valley late Sun (10/21) producing northeast fetch at 15-20 kts again offering some swell production potential.
3.5 ft 35 degrees
Up some --- High pressure is to slide east over the mid-Atlantic Coast Mon (10/22) producing easterly fetch at 15-20 kts early Mon (10/22) offering support for windswell production before slowly fading into Tues (10/16).



Surf Height Animation: US East Coast - Florida & Bahamas- Central Fla
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US East Coast - Central Fla
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