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Surf Forecast - US Mid Atlantic Coast - North Carolina to Virginia Beach

5 Day Surf Forecast

Forecast Updated:
  Thursday, July 31, 2014 9:59 PM

Surf Scale: 3 ft = waist high, 4 ft = chest high, 5 ft = head high, 10 ft =double overhead
Swell Direction is direction swell is coming from. 90°=East, 180°=South, 270°=West, 360-0 = North

Mid-Atlantic Surf Forecast
Covering exposed breaks from S. Carolina Virginia Beach
Day Trend Wind
(Swell Number, Swell Size & Period, Arrival Time and Profile)
(Set wave max face height)
Swell Direction
Holding ENE 10 early Background southeast windswell 2.3 ft @ 7 secs
A tropical low pressure system is to be just 300 nmiles east of the Central Lesser Antilles tracking west-northwest and in the mid-Atlantic swell window but a long way away. Generalized easterly winds at 15-20 kts to be extending up into the Southern Bahamas.  Windswell generation possible. 
1.5 ft    115 degrees
Down S 10+ early No swell of interest forecast
The tropical system is to jog to the northwest passing over the Virgin Islands with 20 kt easterly fetch extending north of there. More windswell being generated if this occurs.     
1 ft or less   ---
Up slightly W 5 early Southeast windswell 2.6 ft @ 6-7 secs
The tropical low is to be tracking northwest positioned over the Southern Bahamas late with 20 kt easterly winds extending north from there. More windswell being generated. 
1.5 ft    140 degrees
Up slightly SSW 15 early Tropical southeast windswell 2.0 ft @ 11-12 secs
The tropical system is to turn more northwest and dissipate just east of the Central Bahamas. Continued southeasterly fetch at 15 kts forecast reaching up to the Central Bahamas from beyond the Lesser Antilles. More windswell being generated if this occurs.     
2.0 ft    125 degrees
Up some WSW 10 early Tropical southeast windswell 2.6 ft @ 10 secs later
Easterly fetch associated with the Bermuda High is to start fading with windswell associated with it fading too.   
2.0-2.5 ft    135 degrees
Down some --- Beyond the easterly fetch associated with the Bermuda High is to be suppressed south mostly tracking over the Northern Caribbean Islands getting little purchase on open ocean. Windswell generation potential fading.   



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US East Coast


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